nyangoma is a blog managed by a collective of African feminists artists. The idea was born at the first African Feminist Forum in Accra, Ghana in October 2006. A group of photographers, painters, filmmakers, writers and publishers came together to discuss the role of art in our feminist work. We came to the conclusion that we needed a space to share our own work and learn about the artistic expressions of African women thinking about our lives/histories/exclusions/presences/absences. Yup, we needed to nurture our CREATIVE FIRE!

Africans? feminists?…and artists?

As africans: We believe in the right to self-determination and the need for Africans, individually and collectively, to define and fight for their own liberation.

As feminists: We believe in celebrating the value, beauty and power of African women and girls. We defend women’s rights to be respected in all our diversities, and to live free from violence.

“We have multiple and varied identities as African Feminists. We are African women, we live here in Africa ad even when we live elsewhere, our focus is on the lives of African women on the continent. Our feminist identity is not qualified by ‘Ifs’, ‘Buts’ or ‘Howevers’. We are Feminists. Full stop.”- Charter of Feminist Principles for African Feminists

As artists: We believe in supporting the space for creativity, irreverence, imagination, dreaming and resistance that art provides.

“Women shall have the right to live in a positive cultural context and to participate at all levels in the determination of cultural policies”- Article 17, African Union Protocol on the Rights of Women in Africa

…..and if that sounds like way to much ‘grammar’ for you then sit back, relax, and be persuaded by our creative power……..


2 responses to “About

  1. Ulla Farrelly

    What an inspiring and powerful group!

  2. A most wonderful group of creative and talented women. A most wonderful woman space. Just the spirit-food I needed, as I gear up for my struggles – the ever wearying weeks! Remain beautiful & strong sisters!

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