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Omawumi’s “If you go ask me”

An Ambassador for Project Alert in Nigeria — using music to talk about sexual abuse and the ‘taboos’ of our societies….Rock on Omawumi!!


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Isabella Matambanadzo’s “Black Granite”

Black Granite

That year, her grades dropped. It wasn’t a gentle decline. She went
from always being one of the three top performers across all her
subjects to hedging with failure. Because she didn’t loose her
unbending cheer, or fall off her sports teams, the teachers misread
her. Report cards would go home with the words “bad set of friends”
scrawled all over them, or “teenage tantrums” in the case of teachers
who thought they should have had a prestigious career in the world of
Psychology, rather than rub chalk off their fingers with damp cloths
at the end of a 45 minute class period.

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Welcome child! by Coumba Toure

A praise poem for a new child by Coumba Toure – Senegalese feminist changemaker, artist, publisher  and educator.

Welcome child

To Azali Isisa

I welcome you child

I welcome you to our world

Forgive us it is not very tidy

We are doing our best

But we found it quite messy

Hope you will help us face the madness

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