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Ye ye o (between a dancer and a drummer) :: Jessica Horn

…embodying Oshun….from Jessica Horn’s debut poetry chapbook Speaking in Tongues.

yellow petal falls

into oshun’s river,

flows golden


waterspirit awakens inside

our pores bloom with drumbeats

melodious skin


I cover my hair with

white cloth, bathe in amber water-

falls of drumspeaksound



by space and sighs

we travel

from neck to ankle


our incompleteness


divine humanity


we dreamed

we dreamed

we dreamed

we could

make love

to music

ride high

on the sound

that     slips    off

leather and

mango wood


in its sap and




purple blue black

purple blue black beads

skins beads sweat beads skin

salt wet salt skin salt wet salt

tongue. teeth. thighs.

(c) Jessica Horn


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Sista, why do you run? by Jessica Horn

From her debut poetry chapbook Speaking in Tongues, Jessica Horn’s solidarity poem for women facing sexual violence.

Sista, why do you run?
(dedicated to those women who have not survived sexual violence)
been a long time
in these bruised bones
long time in my rituals
of burnt eyes
and painted smile. 

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